Motivation – How To Get It and How To Keep It

How many articles do we need to read to get motivated? For me, I could read a motivational article every day and not be bored. There are a million ways to motivate yourself to exercise, or do anything for that matter, but here is a list of a few of my favorites.

Think about how you feel after a workout. I always feel great after a good workout. It’s like a high, all be it an exhausted one at times. I let that motivate me the next time by remembering the sense of accomplishment I feel after.

Think about reaching a goal. Set a goal for weight, or your waist measurement, or a number of days to work out, or a number of miles to run this week. Setting and tracking a goal helps motivate you to complete that goal. Just be sure to make it easily achievable.

Think about others’ success stories. I enjoy reading blogs about people who are into running, or losing weight. It can show the ups and downs they go through, and you can learn from their experiences. I find the success stories of others incredibly inspirational. If a fitness website has success stories, I’ll almost always read them. Maybe I should add success stories to mine.

Think about an upcoming event. A trip to the beach, or a reunion. We are going to Vegas next in a few weeks. Nuff said.

Think of it as “me time”. I mean this in two kinds of ways. While many people make time to take care of others (kids, spouse, other family, co-workers, boss), they don’t often make time to take care of themselves. So on the one hand, use this me time to make yourself a priority, and on the other hand, think of it as a quick “escape” from the stress of kids and a time for contemplation.

Think about how you’re going to look. Imagine a slimmer, fitter you, and let that visualization drive you.

Motivation can be different for everyone. It really doesn’t matter how you get motivated and stay motivated, as long as you do it for yourself.



Everyone wants to know the answer to this question, but the answer is one we often do not want to hear and usually don’t want to do.

Behavior Modification

More specifically, modifying behavior with regard to food choices is the key to becoming thin.

Of course, there is exercise to think about also. With few exceptions, it’s safe to say that exercise DOES NOT make you thin. Exercise makes your muscles toned, your body firm, it makes you feel good, gives you energy, it can increase metabolism, it reduces risk of disease, and on and on. The benefits of exercise are endless.

Exercise certainly supports and promotes weight loss, but it is not the primary key to losing weight. In fact, most of the time exercise makes you hungry and if you are not in the habit of choosing quality foods, you tend to eat more of the foods that keep the pounds on.

99.9% of the population needs to modify food choices to reach their goals. This is why I am in the process of getting certified in Fitness AND NUTRITION! The best personal trainers teach behavior modification and understand that modifying your behavior with regard to food is the key to becoming thin. When it comes to achieving a fit, toned and thin body, I want to be more than an exercise coach. I want to teach people using comprehensive fitness programming…. promoting complete behavior modification so my clients will get results.

Any program that supports a goal of creating a healthy, fit and vibrant body are going to be outcome based. If you honestly follow the program, your outcome will be a successful one

I hear things like

“I eat healthy, but I am still 20 pounds overweight”

“I make good menu choices, but I can’t seem to lose weight”

“My diet is great, but I have no energy”

“I have a low cal, low fat diet, but still struggle with high cholesterol”

Is it possible that someone can eat a “healthy” diet and still be overweight, low on energy, or have other life-style related issues. Sure, it is possible, but it is very unlikely. Most people who think that they are doing a good job, but don’t have the physique that they want or the healthy profiles that they want, really aren’t doing a good job.

Good nutrition requires honesty and results. If you don’t have the results, you are not being honest with the what your diet really looks like.

So when you’re thinking about losing weight and getting trim, remember, your food is the thing that must change in order to achieve lasting success. The exercise will take that success and make it look awesome! Modify your behaviors regarding food and food choices and your success is guaranteed.

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