So I am trying something new on my blog. It is called Fit Point. It is from Fit Blogs where they supply a topic, and I get to write about it! There is a new topic every week .

This week’s topic: Summer Goals

Hmmm, what do I want to achieve by the end of the summer?

After giving this much consideration I have three fitness goals. It makes such a difference when you have to consciously consider your goals and even write them down. Now they are for real!

** My biggest “crime” lately has been this obsession with the numbers on the scale. In a previous post I told you that I went out and bought a scale because the one at the gym was clearly “off”. I know better… the numbers on the scale are of little importance in the short run. I have become way too concerned over a fluctuation of two or three pounds in body weight. There are so many factors, none of which have to do with “getting fatter,” that could have caused such a minor gain, so there is no need for panic. My goal is to not just tell my clients this, but to really embrace it and believe it.

** My next goal is to tone up my legs. I have a nice physique upstairs, but my butt and thighs can use some serious toning. Over the last six months I have moved to heavier leg days and cut out a lot of exercises, mostly doing squats, leg press, and dead lifts. I need to get back to a better variety of exercises to tone all parts of my legs.

** My last goal is for my new client. She has never had to watch what she eats, but as she is getting older her weight is creeping. Since she has not needed to pay attention to nutrition in the past, she is like a blank slate. It is exciting to see the light bulbs going off in her head. We have a 30 day goal that started on June 30th, so I am ready to see her lose some pounds and gain valuable information.

1. I will put my scale away, so I am not tempted to weigh myself every single day.

2. I will split hams and quads into two different days. I will alternate high and low reps. I will add several exercises that target butt and outer thighs.

3. I will be empathetic yet no-nonsense with my client. I will give her options that she can continue to use past our 30 days. I will educate her as completely as possible about nutrition and fitness. Her success is my success.


  1. Thanks for getting involved with FitPoint! These are fantastic goals, and you have a great attitude about how to deal with your client. I like to see someone who really takes the fitness and nutrition of others as seriously as they would their own.

    Best of luck with these goals!

  2. Sushicookie says:

    I'm bad about looking at numbers too. But it's the easiest way to see any change. However, it's kind of pointless when I'm gaining muscle mass too lol.
    Great goals!

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