I recently read an article about being disciplined. It was geared toward weight loss, but it certainly can be applied to any situation. I am somewhat obsessive compulsive about health and nutrition which leads to being seriously disciplined… when it comes to eating healthy and exercising. However, I am not very disciplined in other areas of my life, so this article was a huge eye opener.

A lot of people really want to lose weight, but then they give in to temptation over and over again. Maybe you’re good for a week or two, and then you think it’s okay to “splurge a little because I’ve been so good and I deserve it” and you stop for Ben and Jerry’s on the way home. Then a couple days later it’s a few chocolate chip cookies, then a day later it’s pizza, and so on.

Then the scale doesn’t move quite as fast you’d like and your hope and enthusiasm begin to fizzle. Or perhaps you’re good for a month, but then you have a stressful week at work and you get completely derailed.

Regardless, the discipline necessary to overcome old, unproductive habits and build new ones may not be present yet. Before you know it you’ve lost the focus and excitement that got you really pumped up for the first couple weeks and you’re back where you started.

This happens to everyone. So, what are we to do?

How To Get More Disciplined:

The way to build discipline is by being disciplined. There is no magical formula anybody is going to say or give to you that is going to suddenly give you the discipline to eat healthier, exercise more, be more productive at work, have better control of your finances…whatever your situation. There is no substitute for taking action.

Building discipline doesn’t happen overnight. Building discipline is like building a muscle. When you first use it after a period of inactivity, it’s going to feel a bit sore. But that soreness is good. It means you’re getting into motion again. The more you use it- consistently- the stronger it gets.

It’s the same with your good habits. They may feel awkward or unnatural at first, but if you remain consistent it will become second nature. So start by focusing on simple, positive habits that you know you can execute consistently: healthy dinners, no snacking after dinner, taking a 5-minute walk every day, or giving up chocolate chip cookies(or whatever your ‘pitfall food’ is- you know what it is) for just 1 week.

Don’t overwhelm yourself by thinking about how you’re going to lose the full 30, 40 or 50 pounds, and just commit to doing the simple things and doing them consistently.

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