The Ultimate Shopping Workout – Exercise While You Shop

The holidays are here, so let the shopping begin. Shopping can be time-consuming and with the added “holiday factor”, there can a lot of stress, especially if you are missing workouts and worrying about all that yummy holiday food.

Here’s a fun and efficient way to get your shopping done while staying fit. Make your list, check it twice, then get out there and do the ultimate holiday shopper’s workout.

Here’s how you can make the best of shopping while burning some calories!

1. Eat before you shop

Never shop on an empty stomach. Eating a fat-burning, balanced meal before shopping will give you the energy and clarity you need to make wise purchases. It will also help prevent you from eating junk food while you shop, which many of us tend to do (No thank you Annies Pretzels).

2. Park farther away from the store

We often look for parking spaces that are close to the mall so we don’t have to walk too far. This year I want you to look for that parking space that is farthest from the mall — then briskly walk or jog to the front entrance of the mall. Even better, circle the perimeter a couple of times before you go in and don’t be surprised when you find a parking space quickly.

3. Take the stairs

If the mall has more than one level, go for the stairs rather than using the escalator. It will serve as an additional cardiovascular exercise.

4. Do squats

Instead of bending over to reach for items on a lower shelf, sit back into a squat as you reach for these items and repeat several times as you decide among the items you want to buy. This will strengthen and tone your legs and glutes.

5. Reaching for items on higher shelves

Do some calf raises when reaching for items. Raise your heels high off the floor and bring them down again repeatedly at least 10 times. You’ll work your shoulders and strengthen your calves.

6. Make use of the weight you carry

To strengthen and sculpt beautiful arms, make your heavy purse and those shopping bags work for you. Whether you’re browsing the aisles or waiting in line, perform a few arm curls with the shopping bags in your hands.

7. Waiting for purchase

When waiting to check out, try standing on one leg. Your knee should be slightly bent, with abs pulled in and shoulders pulled back. This will strengthen and stabilize feet and ankles, and help improve your balance.

As you can see, by making just a few alterations in the way you shop, you can sneak in a workout and burn some extra calories. These easy steps will keep your head in the game so you don’t miss a beat, or a great sale.

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