Are you the Queen of Procrastination?

Happy Monday! Mondays usually mean procrastination for me… big time. So I am trying hard to break this habit.

It can be easy to procrastinate whether it’s cleaning, DIY projects, homework, writing blog articles, etc. And the tendency to procrastinate can even be linked to our personalities. So whether you are the king or queen of procrastination or just do it occasionally, here are a few tips to get er done. Ooh! and maybe have more time to exercise!

Understand how long things really take. In reality, many tasks take longer than we expect. The item at the bottom of your list is likely to be put off for another day (procrastination), if you have underestimated your timeline. To break this unintended procrastination cycle, schedule extra time: If you think a project will last two hours, plan for three. You’ll have a more realistic outlook on what you can accomplish during your day.

Fight the distractions. When you’re working on something that’s necessary, but maybe painful (e.g., cleaning the junk drawer), it can be tempting to check Facebook, surf the web, or give in to other distractions. Tip: Do whatever you dislike the most first thing in the morning (even for just a short period of time), and you won’t have to spend the rest of the day wondering (or dreading) when you’ll get it done.

Just say no. When you feel as if you should do something, but don’t really want to, it’s easy to drop the ball, and then really feel bad about it. Before you agree to do something, take time to consider whether it’s something you really want to do, and have the time to do. Unless your something is exercise. Then just say YES, no matter what!

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